• Free SugarCRM Installation
  • Free SugarCRM Transfer
  • Quick SugarCRM set up
  • SugarCRM Optimized Servers
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Free On-demand Backup
  • US /UK Server Locations
  • Email/ Chat Support
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee


Quick to deploy

Just contact us, and within short period of time you will enjoy fast work of your SugarCRM at a new hosting server. Easy to start, easy to work with – you will love your new SugarCRM hosting.

No lock-in

With the option to pay monthly for your SugarCRM hosting, unlike other providers, you can move to another hosting anytime you want. Just let us know, and you will get all your application data in no time.

Free SugarCRM transfer

If you would like to move your SugarCRM from another service, we will be happy to assist you at no additional cost. We take care of technical details, you can enjoy working with your SugarCRM.

Free SugarCRM setup

If you are a new SugarCRM user, just choose the edition and version you would like to use, define the number of users, and soon you will get access to your brand new SugarCRM instance.

Excellent support

You can be sure that your SugarCRM is safe – our professional team is monitoring your system 24×7. You can be sure that you will be able to use your SugarCRM any time of the day.

Access anywhere

SugarCRM is an online application, meaning that you can work and collaborate with your colleagues from any part of the world. Hosting with us provides you with mobility and best web-hosting quality.

Best price

With us you will get excellent SugarCRM hosting service at a reasonable price. There is no need to purchase server hardware and software, pay for expensive setup and implementation, or hire new employees to support your system – our SugarCRM experts will take care of everything.

Easy Backups & Recovery

Your SugarCRM data will be backed up every day, thus you can be sure that your data remains safe no matter what happens. Whenever you need your Sugar backup or recovery, just contact our technical team for help.

Convenient server location

We have servers in two major hubs of the world: USA and Europe. You can choose where you want your SugarCRM to be hosted: in the US or UK, depending on your company location.


Best corresponding PHP version

At our servers we are using the latest stable PHP version compatible with SugarCRM, as recommended by SugarCRM Inc.

Optimized MySQL for faster requests processing

Our technical team has found a way to make your SugarCRM respond several times faster. A couple of tricks with MySQL server, and you enjoy work with your Sugar instead of waiting for a page to be loaded.

Automatic SugarCRM installation

SugarCRM can be easily installed with our software (which will be done by our professional team), and you will be up and running in no time.

Start a new SugarCRM instance

Let us do the installation for you!

Transfer your SugarCRM instance

Be up and running in no time!